Unit 4: Flood Myths


In Unit 3, you learned about several creation stories and the common elements that are found in these stories.  This unit focuses on myths regarding flood stories and the common elements within them. You will also be reading flood myths, posting discussions, and responding to your peers’ work.

What are flood myths?

Flood myths are found in many sections of the world. Across cultures and times, the flood myth keeps appearing as a “reminder” of the destruction the gods can unleash if provoked. In most myths, prior to the flood, humans have behaved so poorly that they angered the gods. Thus, the gods were disappointed because humans were created to sanctify the gods. Because of this disappointment, they are willing to destroy every living thing on earth as punishment.  In most flood myths, humanity is destroyed with one or two exceptions. These people are usually above reproach and have devout souls. The complete destruction of the known world of the myth-tellers is the result of gods who have been insulted by the behavior of the humans. The gods want to rid the world of the evil and begin anew with a race that will respect the gods and their wishes.

A rebuilding usually follows the flood myth. The humans start over and build new civilizations that replace the old. The structures of life are put in order and recreated with the good on top and the evil absent. This shows the resilience of the ancient peoples around the world. Even though horrendous flooding decimates the human race, the survivors turn to their gods once more for strength. Civilization then repairs the problems that led to the first flood. In this way, creation and flood myths are often interlinked and impossible to separate from each other.

Unit Activities

Follow this plan for this unit:

  1. Conduct your Internet/Webquest search over the five flood myths.
  2. Go the discussion area #1 and complete the discussion activity. 50 points
  3. Conduct your Internet/Webquest search for the aboriginal tribes of Southeast Asia.
  4. Go the discussion area #2 and complete the discussion activity. 50 points

This unit will take two weeks.


Unit 4 Flood Myths

Unit 4 Flood Myths -Part 2