Unit 2: Thinking Skills

  1. I Have a Dream Presentation
  2. I Have A Dream Speech Worksheet
  3. Literary Terms


Unit 2 -Thinking Skills

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English II: Thinking Skills


In this course, you will be looking at several pieces of literature in many different forms.  You will be expected to read, analyze, synthesize, and respond to these pieces.  When thinking about literature, it is important to focus on the key literary terms within each piece.  Sometimes literature will have many terms within it, and other times it will have only a few.  This unit will teach you some principles of thinking and learning and how to use basic literary terms in the analysis of literature.  We will be building upon these terms and adding new terms throughout the semester.

Interpretating Literature
The main goal of interpretation is trying to determine the theme, voice, and tone of the piece. Theme refers to the main idea. All stories will have one or more themes. Voice is the acknowledged or unacknowledged source of the words of the story, the speaker, the “person” telling the story.  Tone is the author’s attitude toward the subject. The author may be sympathetic, angry, supportive, etc.  For a more complete description, check the definitions in this glossary:


To determine theme, voice, and tone, we look for clues in the words and sentences the author chooses. We assume the author has made a careful decision with each word that is used.

In this unit, you will be introduced to theme, voice, and tone along with other literary terms such as allusion, simile, and imagery.

Unit Activities

Follow this plan for this unit.

  1. Read through the literary terms and complete the flashcard activity.
  2. Brueghel Assignment: This is a very important assignment in section 2, and you should do each step carefully. This will prepare you for the following assignment.
  3. Go to Section 3 and read the background information and the speech.  Complete the lessons that are contained within the speech.
  4. Complete the multiple choice quiz over literary terms and the content within the speech. 25 Points
  5. Discussion:  Go to the discussion section and post your first discussion.  Two days later, post your response to other’s work. 50 points 
  6.  As a part of your reflection for this unit, in your journal complete the journal activity. 50 points
  7. Persuasive Writing Assignment 200 points

Unit two should take two weeks.