Unit 1: Introduction


Important Class Information

  1. Class Information Sheet (Class Information)
  2. Course Syllabus (2017F_Syllabus_English2_TonyBazen)
  3. Vocabulary List for Semester 1 (Vocabulary List for Semester 1)


English 2 Unit 1 PPT (Policies-Cheating-Sentence Types)

English 2 Unit 1 PPT (Policies-Cheating-Sentence Types)

Learn English card with colorful background

Welcome to English II
The main purpose of this first unit is to get you started in the class. This is a challenging class that will require you to spend more time on a daily basis than a typical high school class. You will understand how the class works and what is expected of you. You will learn the skills you need to complete an online class, which is in many ways different from anything most students have ever experienced. You will also get to meet your teacher and your classmates.

Unit Activities
Follow this plan for this unit.

  1. Study the introductory area of your course closely. In some Learning Management Systems, it will be called Course Home. In others, it might be called Syllabus. Look especially at the section called Getting Started. Study the course policies carefully to make sure you understand how the course works and what is expected of you. Look at the schedule carefully to see when work must be completed. If you do not understand these things, be sure to contact your teacher.
  2. Go to the Section 1 page and read all of that material carefully as well.
  3. Take the quiz on the information. You can take this quiz over and over again until you get all the answers right. It is important that you understand fully how this course works! The first three items should take no more than two days of work to complete. (Note: in this class, a “day” means a normal class period plus homework; if you are on a block schedule, then each of your days is the same as two days for this class.) 25 points
  4. Discussion Assignment: Go to the Section 2 in this unit and follow the directions you see there.Work on this over the next few days of the course, but work on the next step at the same time.
  5. Cheating and Plagiarism: Complete the lesson and quiz on Cheating and Plagiarism in Section 3 This should take about one day. 10 Points
  6. Journal Assignment: Write a reflection according to the instructions in the Reflection section of Section 4.