K12 Program


A High School Experience Individualized for Each Student

K12 provides nearly 200 high school courses designed to help each student find his or her own path and follow it to post-high school success—whether that’s in college or in the workforce.

English, math, science, and history courses are offered in multiple levels—core, comprehensive, honors, Advanced Placement®, remediation, and credit recovery—to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Students can enroll in a variety of electives to pursue their passions, such as Anthropology, Environmental Science, or Web Design, and several are designed to start them on the pathway toward a successful career and earn certifications in fields such as Health Science, Information Technology, and Hospitality and Tourism.


College Readiness

For students who want to prepare for college, K12 offers programs, courses, and targeted support to help them build a successful future.

As part of K12’s high school curriculum, college-level AP® options are available. AP® courses prepare students to take Advanced Placement® exams and earn college credit. K12 also offers students the option to challenge themselves with honors courses in core subjects like math, history, and science.

In partnerships with local colleges and universities, eligible students may enroll in courses at participating institutions and earn “dual credit“—applying college credit to both their high school diploma and a post-secondary degree.

Students can participate in college workshops to help themselves prepare for life after high school.

Advanced Placement (AP®) Courses

K12 offers more than 20 Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses ranging from English Literature and Composition, to Calculus, to Spanish and French. AP courses are college-level courses that follow curriculum specified by the College Board. By taking these classes, students can stand out in college admissions, potentially earn college credit, and prepare for college while in high school.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Beyond

The rigorous K12 curriculum includes an array of advanced, specialized STEM courses and expert teachers who lead the way.

Starting in middle school, students can choose advanced levels of Earth, Physical, and Life Science. In high school, the curriculum includes honors-level Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and as noted, multiple AP courses. Specific to STEM are AP Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science. STEM electives are also available, such as C++ Programming, Forensic Science, Green Design and Technology, and Engineering Design.

Career Preparation

Career-minded students can choose from a broad range of compelling, high-interest courses geared toward specific in-demand career paths to gain a competitive edge for the future, discover their path after high school, or explore a possible college major.

K12 offers more than 20 career-focused electives ranging from accounting to choice called Destinations Career Academies and Destinations Career Programs.

Students can also participate in career workshops to help them explore what they want to do after high school.

Credit Recovery

Looking to earn credits? Need a better grade or recover credits? We can help.

K12’s online courses can give your child the edge needed to deal with these and other credit recovery issues. Because our courses are all online, your student will have the scheduling flexibility to retake courses to bring up that GPA, catch up to classmates, and get the credits necessary to graduate on time.journalism to computer science. Also, in some states there are schools and programs dedicated to helping students earn certifications and get on-the-job experience in the field of their

Summer versions of credit recovery courses are typically 4 weeks for one-semester courses; and 8 weeks for two-semester courses. They include a teacher helpline available from 8 AM–11 PM (ET). For all the details, speak with a credit recovery specialist at 866.529.0167.