Discussion Board Advice


Guidelines For Discussion Board

from Wanda Knight

Why did I lose points on my discussion board? What are the 4Ps?
If you lost points on this assignment, it is because your initial post and/or your comments to your peers were not substantial. Discussion boards are meant for you to communicate with your peers and get/give feedback on ideas, theories, and/or assignments. Half of the points rewarded are for the primary post and half are for comments. Thanking someone for giving you feedback or saying “There is nothing I would change” does not count as a comment. I grade discussions based on the evaluations you give your peers, not on the content of your submissions. You will receive a grade on the work itself after the submission of the writing assignment/project.

I am noticing that many students are writing whatever they want and not addressing the prompt or the 4Ps of peer review. Read/listen/view your peers’ pitches and respond following the 4Ps of peer critique. You should label your comments in the below format and write about 3-5 substantial sentences for each of the 4Ps:
1. Praise: (what is working)
2. Probe: (what you don’t understand)
3. Propose: (improvements with tact)
4. Positive: (ending about something awesome they’ve done)

Why isn’t my discussion board graded yet?
Please do not ask me to grade your discussion boards unless they meet the following requirements:
1. At least one primary post and two comments on other students’ posts: “Making History,” “Be Dramatic,” “Om Sweet Om,” “Share and Share Alike,” “Survival of the Fittest,” “Get Graphic,” “One Man Can,” “Who Are You?,” “Poetic Justice,” “Poetry in Motion,” “It’s All in the Details,” and “Lining Up Ducks.”
2. At least one primary post and one comment on another student’s post: “What Does It Mean?,” “Causing Trouble,” “One Tribe,” “Here’s the Pitch,” “Fuel for the Fire,” and “Shifting Perspectives.” 3. You double-checked to make sure you made the required amount of posts using the instructions in my “How can I view how many posts I’ve made?” portion of this announcement.
4. You double-checked to make sure that it has not yet been graded.
5. At least 72 hours has passed since you posted your most recent post.

What do I do if no one comments on my post or gives me a peer review?
I do not require that you receive or leave feedback in order to submit corresponding 100-250 point assessments to BlackBoard, but it is a good idea to see what others say before you submit the assignment. It is absolutely fine to get feedback from individuals outside of Keystone.

Why isn’t my Gradebook showing that I completed the discussion board?
Because discussion boards are considered completed based on the content and not the number of posts, discussion boards cannot be measured by a computer system as completed or incomplete. Grade Book will label discussions as “in progress” until they are graded.